SSanta Claus Saves the Earth is Caddicarus' 10th episode on The Caddicarus Show and is a follow-up of Klonoa: I Can't Pronounce this Game. This review was Caddicarus' first Christmas special.

Background Edit

Santa Claus Saves the Earth is produced by Telegames (the same company behind Rascal Racers) and was released for the PS one in 2002. Caddicarus mentions this near the end of the review and criticizes that fact as well.

Opening Edit


The episode resumes off from when Caddicarus discovers that Rascal Racers is missing from his shelf. He then hears his doorbell ring, and finds Santa Claus Saves the Earth on his doorstep. He also sees Rascal Racers outside, and proceeds to follow it.

Verdict Edit

The game got the slaughter. Unfortunately, Caddicarus had to "shoot" his PS one as well since "the game's infection... already consumed [the PS one.]" He then proceeds to bury his "beloved" PS one in a playground. (He would bring up this event in his later review, "The Simpsons: Tony Hoax Skateboarding," and in "The Grinch," this event becomes canon, starting with Caddicarus discovering that the PS one is no longer where he buried it)

Trivia Edit

The line that plays when Caddicarus starts the first level: "Look at this f**king sh*t!" was taken from another YouTube video: Youtube Poop: Nickelsh!t Write a Song About Bodily Functions by cs188, another well known YouTuber that specializes in the YouTube Poop genre.

The video was later taken down due to copyright issues. James Caddick explained that it was due to him using an excerpt from The Muppets Christmas Carol in his ending scene, and that he can't cut that scene out as it would "take away the joke, and just ruin the whole video." Surprisingly, the video is still viewable on his channel.

Video Edit

Santa Claus Saves the Earth - Caddicarus

Santa Claus Saves the Earth - Caddicarus